Dirtiest Spots Your Office Cleaning Service Should Never Miss

Get Rid of Dangerous Germs with our Office Cleaning Service

You may know the importance of hiring regular office cleaning services if you don’t; we invite you to click here to learn about it. Today, our focus will be a little different. Let’s start with a simple question: Have you ever wonder what are the dirtiest places in your office?

Dirtiest Spots that an Office Cleaning Service Must Disinfect


According to some statistics, “more than 10 million germs can be living on a work desk.” Making a comparison, this represents around 400 times more than a toilet seat. Wait a minute. Is this real? Of course, it is.

But you can reduce the number of bacteria, allergens, and germs by cleaning your desk at least once a week with antibacterial products.

Keyboard and Mouse

We are sure that you have heard of this. The keyboard gets direct contact of our hands during 8 hours each day. This means that your keyboard can have a lot of dead skin cells, sweat, and dust.

Also, food residues will accumulate in your keyboard, creating a nest for more than 3000 bacteria per every square inch.

It is not a surprise that one of the most used things in your office, your computer mouse, has a good number of germs. When we were writing this blog, we were using both the mouse and the keyboard. So, you can imagine the frequency that a person is exposed to bacteria and germs. As a matter of fact, a mouse can have up to 1600 germs per square inch. That is creepy, isn´t it?

Working in a dirty office has a direct impact on your business. It will lower the productivity of your crew or even worse put your staff health in danger.

Solution to the Problem

Getting regular office cleaning services is perhaps the best option for improving the safety of your working space. Our highly trained crew will make sure to deliver a thorough cleaning, especially in the mentioned spots. Also, make sure that at least once a week, you clean your keyboard and mouse with a clean cloth using antibacterial cleaners.

Providing a safe work environment should be the number one priority of every business owner. Here at MC Commercial Cleaning, we can become your best ally. Get in contact with us to receive the most outstanding office cleaning services in Dallas TX.


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