Enjoy Of A Cleaner Workplace With Our Janitorial Service

Rooms That Our Janitorial Service Will Leave Sparkling

Welcome back to MC Commercial Cleaning. Today, we will talk about some important areas that our janitorial service will clean very well. The purpose of our blog is that you learn a little bit more about our commercial cleaning process.

First of all, our team members are highly trained, and as a cleaning company, we have the right tools, equipment, and supplies to deliver sparkling results.

Areas Our Janitorial Service Will Prioritize


We always put a lot of attention to the reception area. Since this is the place where your visitors get a hint of you. When hiring our janitorial service, we make sure to leave it clean, neat, and inviting. Also, since this is a room where many people come and go, we make sure to disinfected. In this way, we avoid the spreading of allergens and sickness.

Breakroom and Kitchen Cleaning

Our expert cleaners know how these areas get a lot of traffic, and they are places where normally food is handled. We know that these are the dirtiest places in your business premises.

That is why our team will clean these rooms in a meticulous way. We will make sure to eliminate all bacteria, dust, allergens, and any type of dirt. So, you just have to give us a call at the numbers (214) 710-5887, and we’ll keep your business premises spotless and sanitized.

Desktops/Computer Rooms

As we explained in our previous blog “Dirtiest Spots Your Office Cleaning Service Should Never Miss,” your desk, keyboard, and mouse are… that is right!… the dirtiest spots or things in your office.

Our team will do its best to eliminate the dust, allergens, and bacteria in these highly used spots.

Clean Trash Cans

Our team will not only leave your trash bins empty, but they will clean or wash bins to leave them free of particles and liquids.

As you read, these are the rooms we pay a lot of attention to when delivering our janitorial service. Give us a call today, so we can start sanitizing and leaving your rooms surfaces sparkling.


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