Types Of Cleaning Products For Home And Residential Cleaning

Germs have become not only stronger but also they reproduce faster. One of the ways that promotes the growing and spreading of contagious agents and bacteria are faster and affordable public transportation. Another, thing that has caused germs and bacteria to be stronger is the overuse of antibacterial products. It is important to get assistance of professional cleaners to achieve outstanding results. Today, we will talk about which types of disinfectant and its effectiveness in inhibiting bacterial growth. The two main divisions are natural and synthetic products. Both can be easily obtained in stores and supermarkets.

Natural Cleaning Substances

Lemon Juice

This is one of the cheapest cleaning products, non toxic, and effective bacteria killer. Lemon contain citric acid, which kills most bacteria at your home or business premises. The great news is that bacteria are less able to become resistant to natural substances, unlike many synthetic products.

White Vinegar

The main component of vinegar is acetic acid, which is found in vinegar in from 5 percent up to 20 percent. Acetic acid acts as a disinfectant inhibiting the bacterial growth and an odor neutralizer. Also, white vinegar can remove grease stains from your kitchen appliances, floors, and windows.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a great companion for your cleaning tasks. It is very useful for eliminating dirty spots in your kitchen countertops, sinks, and cooking appliances. You can make sure to neatly clean stained and stinky any food containers. All these benefits at amazing low prices.

Types of Commercial Disinfectants Used By Professional Cleaners

Bleach Products

Bleach is one of the most effective cleaning products. It is not a surprise that professional cleaners use this product due to its killing effectiveness. It is more effective than cleaning with alcohol and ammonium products. However, there are some drawbacks of cleaning with bleach. Due to its strong composition, bleach can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation, and others. It is important to never mix bleach with pine cleaners or window washing sprays because this can give as a result a highly toxic substance that can cause your lungs abnormal functioning.

Alcohol Products

This is one of the least effective cleaning products. The reason is simple! Most of bacteria and germs they have become highly resistant. Due to this, huge amount of alcohol is used without any positive killing results.

You can use these disinfecting substances and products for cleaning your house or business premises! However, if you do not have time for cleaning or you really want excellent results, you can contract professional cleaners! Get in contact with us now, so we can ensure the most neat and shinny places. Remember that here at MC Commercial Cleaning your health come first!


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